Friday, May 05, 2006

Worlds fastest indian

This nice man emailed to say some nice things...
"...I have always like rocket cars myself and believe "The rocket way is the only way!" to go fast that is. Check out my creations at All the best you keep running them and I will keep laughing.......Waldo Stakes"
On following that link it becomes clear he is an awesome nut.

The movie "Worlds fastest indian" apparently features some of his rocketcars.

Collage of RCD666

Collection of precious moments from various peoples photo collections. Thanks to all who sent in photos, obviously i have not created the uber-gallery yet, but one day i will dammit.
I hope you people are getting ready for Rocketcar Day Seven. I know i am. Looks like poss August and maybe at electrofringe again in October.

Click the image to view. w00t

more photos and articles read aloud

Props to mr. woolf who not only got his photos onto flickr but also whipped up a new-fangled podcast (if you hate reading words, you'll love having them spoken out loud to you now that's convenience) Go to his magical new podworld here .

Rocketcar day- canberra.

Spread that Word
Totally Craig Dack and Bernie Slater snuck off and whipped up a sweet sounding rocketcar day in canberra after coming up to rcd666. Looks like they got a great turn out and covered the main car groups : food, knives, lego. Naturally some obsessed and dangerous rivalry should now ensue. Some kind of showdown on the state line. Lovely photos here.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Launch Montage

Ahh, precious moments. In montage form.
Reliver the magic after this link.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Map to the race

So the race will be held in Marrickville again (thanks Marrickville) on Sydney Steel Road, just behind the Marrickville shopping center. If we have problems there we'll go around the corder to Murray St where we can hide a bit better.

See you all there at 1pm. Shit hits fan at, say 1.30pm.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

6 sleeps to go

You may experience a slight rumbling in your bowels as the week progresses. Do not be alarmed this is the bodies natural reaction to an impending rocketcar day.
Whether or not you’re involved in making a rocketcar, or you’re just turning up to hang out on the street and catch the some rays from the glow of excitement that will be emanating from all around you, the time is soon approaching when we hope the planets will align, people will arrive on time, the street will have no cars on it and security will not call the police. For that will be Rocketcar day 666 – the most evil race on the planet.

RCD666’s location will be: Sydney Steel Lane, Marrickville. The time will be 1pm. Races go till about 4pm probably

Don’t forget our special features this year:

  • documentary camera crew
  • roving, out of control model helicopter with onboard wireless camera
  • tested and untested race categories
  • evil race category
  • multi-car launches / battle to the death
  • trophy presentation
  • beer and bbq

Don’t forget to bring beer, money for more beer (and t-shirts), sunburn cream, your kids, someone elses kids, some meat, spare rockets and fuses, 2 or 3 cameras so you can deny my requests for sending me the photos you took.

My mobile is 0425222598 if you need any further info or if you get lost.



Monday, January 30, 2006

Tips for new players : too light won't race

There's nothing better than having fresh new faces with crazy new cars at a Rocketcar day. One thing to keep in mind if you're car is too light it won't be allowed to race. This is because (from experience with doomed past entries) a very light, small rocket car will start spinning and proceed to select an path in 3 dimensions, in mid-air, at speed.

Examples of things that are too light:
- a pack of cards
- a cucumber
- a matchbox car
- a wire construction

The best way to work out whether your car's construction will work is to test it. I understand this can be difficult without the gear so if it's untested and light, just understand that people's safety might mean you can't race it. That said, bring it on.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sweet evil merch

As usual we're getting some amazing commemorative t-shirts made so you can impress your ex-girlfriend when you walk tall past her on the street. Yes, you too will fly the flag that simply says: that you were there, you were part of Rocketcar day 666.

Friday, January 20, 2006

i forgot a rule : remote control

Part of the joy of rocketcar day is seeing how people will up the stakes each year in racing technology developments. Most recently we saw the addition of remote control steering to one of the cars. This bit of genius got around the randomness of the track surface, wind and other cars attacking you en route. Naturally, this technology is awesome , so awesome that we've outlawed it. Anyhoo so.. no remote controls in the official race category only 1 C size engine and a hand made speed machine.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rocketcarday 666 The most evil race on the planet

Sunday Feb 12th 2006 prepare yourselves for the sixty installment of the most evil race on the planet. If you're not already email hello at to get on the mailing list so you don't miss a thing in the exciting wind up to a race that promises to deliver the thrills by the satanload.

So tell your friends, to signup, tell your brain to start concocting an genius evil plan, tell your mother you love her and prepare to beciome part of ROCKETCAR DAY SIX SIX SIX : CARS FROM HELL.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Racing Rules

There are a few races we run during the day.

The Main Races

1. Tested 1 C engine distance battle
2. Untested 1 C engine distance battle
3. Multicar Showdown
4. Pure Evil category

The main races are all about getting as far as possible along the track. Tested cars are ones that have raced before or the creators have bothered to test and improve on. Traditionally these cars go the furthest and are the least dangerous and usually win. Untested cars are an important part of the Rocketcarday experience but if they are too dangerouse may not be allowed to race.

The Multicar showdown is a totally amazing advance in rocketcar racing. Head to head carnage. Everybody loves that carnage. This is more of a pride event. It's great to see grown men cry.

The Evil Category can be any size and any number of engines. Any car can race but only if it's been tested. For those who haven't been to these races please remembver there are people watching the race aThis can be multi-engine racer in parrallel (engines firing at the same time... holy maceroni) or 2 engines running one after the other.

There is only one Trophy to take home and that is based on First Run Distance.

Making a rocketcar

This is the same info from Rocketcar day 5 and still rings true:

Basically get something, stick wheels on it, attatch a rocket engine to it.

We've had cars made out of a plastic schooner glass, a dildo, , a frozen chicken, an Erkyl, a bit of bamboo and a dust-pan. The best entries are crazy but fast.

The finesse comes with the theme and how fast and far it goes.

The main problems you'll have is keeping it straight when the rocket engine ignites. Here's some basics:

- longer wheelbase makes it harder for cars to spin
- position of engine at back
- oil your wheels
- line up the engine with the wheels
- If the car is too heavey it will not go very far
- if the car is too light it will go far, but you won't know where
- a little drogue goes a long way
- having a little toy man as a driver seems to help

Again, testing your car is the best way to hold your head up high on the track. Also, check out photos oh previous years.
If you have any questions, email me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i have lost everyones email

Yes. yes. after losing a hard drive i no longer have anyone's email addresses. this means if you don't send me your email address you won't get any more enthusiastic reminders and i will loose my sense of purpose and then doom. so if you want to be on the rocketcar day list to receive updates on where, when, who and yee hah email me.