Sunday, February 05, 2006

6 sleeps to go

You may experience a slight rumbling in your bowels as the week progresses. Do not be alarmed this is the bodies natural reaction to an impending rocketcar day.
Whether or not you’re involved in making a rocketcar, or you’re just turning up to hang out on the street and catch the some rays from the glow of excitement that will be emanating from all around you, the time is soon approaching when we hope the planets will align, people will arrive on time, the street will have no cars on it and security will not call the police. For that will be Rocketcar day 666 – the most evil race on the planet.

RCD666’s location will be: Sydney Steel Lane, Marrickville. The time will be 1pm. Races go till about 4pm probably

Don’t forget our special features this year:

  • documentary camera crew
  • roving, out of control model helicopter with onboard wireless camera
  • tested and untested race categories
  • evil race category
  • multi-car launches / battle to the death
  • trophy presentation
  • beer and bbq

Don’t forget to bring beer, money for more beer (and t-shirts), sunburn cream, your kids, someone elses kids, some meat, spare rockets and fuses, 2 or 3 cameras so you can deny my requests for sending me the photos you took.

My mobile is 0425222598 if you need any further info or if you get lost.




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