Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Racing Rules

There are a few races we run during the day.

The Main Races

1. Tested 1 C engine distance battle
2. Untested 1 C engine distance battle
3. Multicar Showdown
4. Pure Evil category

The main races are all about getting as far as possible along the track. Tested cars are ones that have raced before or the creators have bothered to test and improve on. Traditionally these cars go the furthest and are the least dangerous and usually win. Untested cars are an important part of the Rocketcarday experience but if they are too dangerouse may not be allowed to race.

The Multicar showdown is a totally amazing advance in rocketcar racing. Head to head carnage. Everybody loves that carnage. This is more of a pride event. It's great to see grown men cry.

The Evil Category can be any size and any number of engines. Any car can race but only if it's been tested. For those who haven't been to these races please remembver there are people watching the race aThis can be multi-engine racer in parrallel (engines firing at the same time... holy maceroni) or 2 engines running one after the other.

There is only one Trophy to take home and that is based on First Run Distance.


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